Risky Business

“Stop Existing and start living.” This is one quote many that exist would love to pursue in their daily lives. Having full control of one’s own life is what makes living a lot more rewarding. When participating in physical activity one does not need balance of risk with living the good life, but may just need to have each one of these to enjoy life. Many people try to live the good life with complete balance of risk and well

Life can be a difficult balance of everything

-being, but I believe there must be much risk to really enjoy life. Participating in physical activity needs risk well being and living the good life in order to fully appreciate life.

Risk is found in everything one does and should not stop one from having a fun filled active life. Every sport has risk, but in order to have fun and find oneself one should look beyond risk to find joy in physical activity. For example, in the sport of running one would think there is no risk in physical injuries, but think again. Having participated in track and field and wrestling I have found joy in being able to push my mind-body to the limit. I have been able to find the inner strength in myself to push beyond my capability, but pushing me came with a higher risk of injury. In the sport of track and field I had a tough season which eventually caused me to develop shin splints and knee problems, but I pushed forward with the help of the athletic trainers at Fullerton Community College. This ability to push myself in sport even with the risks helped me better understand myself and my values. I found that I valued persistence and experiences of achievement which helped me feel good about me. This great feeling allowed me to find the “The good life” which “refers to the experiences and conditions of living that we regard as desirable (Pg. 206 Kretchmar).” This desire of pushing the envelope definitely outweighed any risk factor that was out there because I love the feeling and am willing to go through pain for it.

There is always enjoyment in doing risky physical activities. This can be demonstrated in the question of why is it that people still go to amusement parks even though there is a risk for serious injury? There is just a natural urge for humans to explore beyond what we see as “Safe” because we are curious creatures. For example, Steve Bloom explains of a time he took a risk in a job, he said, “I knew I needed a change so I quit. I had searched for a job before I left, but didn’t have anything lined up right away. It was really scary at first, but I knew quitting was the right thing to do. Several years later, I’m still glad I made the decision.” article Risk is something that can improve one’s life and it does not have to be a job, but it can be a change in hobbies. Maybe there was a physical activity such as mountain climbing that one wanted to participate in, but it was far too risky in injury. This could actually be the best change in one’s life in improving their own well-being because they’re now happy with themselves.

In each case one needed to take a risk in order to really improve one’s well being and experience of the good life. This risk no matter if it was large or small had the same outcome in that the person doing it experienced a positive relief of stress and an improvement in their well being. This positive improvement in well being had a autonomous effect on the person’s experience of the good life.  


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